The Artists: Luxembourg

Curator Julie Reuter presents the artists from Luxembourg.


Julien Hübsch

The young artist Julien Hübsch (*1995) is mainly inspired by urban spaces such as construction zones or even abandoned places where the traces of humans are still perceptible. To create his astounding installations, he reuses building materials and places them in the respective locations. With his works, the artist creates a sculptural world that is permanently under construction and always in tune with the space in which the sculpture is located. The creative process on site is just as important as the result. This creative achievement makes his art seem alive. The finished work is thus emblematic and representative of the artistic process.

Sali Muller

In her conceptual art, Sali Muller deals with the role of the individual in relation to itself and the environment. In doing so, she analyses above all the way in which humans are alienated from nature and self-expression. With her works, the artist thus allows the exhibition space as a whole to become a thinking space in constant flux, offering the audience an aesthetic and physical experience that goes beyond self-observation. The reflective surfaces visually erase the boundaries of the space and become the interface between outside and inside, between here and there.

Jim Peiffer

Extremely expressive and absolutely ruthless, the works of Jim Peiffer (*1987) show a form of composition in which the artist is the subject or the actor. The object is once present, sometimes absent. He paints and draws with different techniques (pencils, acrylic paint, spray paint, ink or chalk) on wood, canvas or various other painting surfaces. In this way, superimposed layers of colour pigment are created, intensifying the impression of an accumulation of motifs and figures on the surface of the painted grounds.

Arny Schmit

For his works, Luxembourg artist Arny Schmit uses multi-layered cardboard as a painting ground to give his compositions a third dimension. His monochrome landscapes, which radiate a wild naturalness, float between reality and fantasy. Mixed representations of nature and humans are his main source of inspiration. Geometric forms create a contrast to the organic shapes of the landscape. To emphasize the contrast between the strict human made and natural forms, the artist uses neon colours. Humans appear in his works, but they are depicted in a unrealistic way.