Matej Bosnić

πάσχειν (páskhein)

15.07. - 03.10.2021

Matej Bosnić (*1990 in Croatia) lives and works in Bonn. In his artistic work he explores “belonging”. He reveals the context of objects and places, which appear to be hidden. In doing so, he harbors an existing mysteriousness, which he does resolve, but rather reinforces. With time, close observation and presence on site, Matej Bosnić develops very specific works. In his indefinite search, he expresses a different kind of knowledge in his works, that concerns all of us.

From April onwards Matej Bosnić will be working in and around the Stadtgalerie. As a place of critical confidence the Stadtgalerie invites artists to stay in Saarbrücken for a longer time and engage with the city and the border region. A variety of projects evolve from these cooperations, such as an exhibition with Matej Bosnić.