Artist's portraits

The Saarbrücken Stadtgalerie is launching a new initiative over the next five months. The idea behind this new digital platform is to highlight ten contemporary artists from the Saarland region through portraits published in various forms. The concept was developed in cooperation with the Regionalverband Saarbrücken. Peter Lupp, Head of Cultural Affairs, and Dr. Andrea Jahn, Artistic Director of the Stadtgalerie, have the common goal of giving Saarland's artists a voice and greater visibility. The format is designed by curator Katharina Ritter, who studied fine arts and exhibition management at the HBK Saar and works there as a lecturer.


Every two weeks, a new portrait will appear here and on the website of the Regionalverband Saarbrücken and will also be presented on our social media. The aim of this series is to offer the Saarland art scene a broader audience in the long term and to reflect the regional space through the language of art. A continuation of the series is already being considered.

Both the Stadtgalerie and Saarbrücken Castle are among the art and culture venues of the Regionalverband and would like to make an active contribution to the project. You can find more information about these places of art and culture here and by clicking on the logos on the right.