Ecologie Décoloniale – Online Presentation and Discussion with Malcom Ferdinand

Online event

Participation free of cost

In 2019, Malcom Ferdinand, a researcher at the CNRS in Paris, published his book Une écologie décoloniale. The study was widely received, especially due to its recent translation into English (2022). Above all, however, it touches the core of many of the issues that concern societies around the world today: With historical and analytical acumen, Ferdinand describes the entanglement of ecological problems with social injustice, neo-colonialism and racial and gender discrimination. Taking Martinique (and Caribbean societies in general) as a starting point, he promotes an intersectional view of today's ecological crises and lays the foundations for a theory and practice of a truly universal climate justice.

The lecture and discussion with Malcom Ferdinand will take place online. As a place of critical confidence, the Stadtgalerie has been working together with various players towards a desirable future since April 2021. This includes more sustainable and equitable development across all sectors. In the upcoming two exhibitions, the City Gallery explores the world of storytelling with Eric Schwarz: What story can save us and our planet? And with Saša Spačal, the planet is viewed as a complex, interconnected system to rethink our role as humans.

The event will take place online in French from 4-6pm; questions and remarks in other languages are possible. Please register at We will also be happy to send you some preparatory readings by email.

A project of Saarland University and Sorbonne University in cooperation with the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken. Organisation: Line Perrin, Lucia della Fontana, Mario Laarmann.