Helga Griffiths


‘Crossing’ at Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken is the first major solo exhibition dedicated to the work of German artist Helga Griffiths (b. 1959 in Ehingen/Donau). Her multimedia and multisensory space installations explore the boundaries between art and science. Audience interaction is as important as the site-specific character of these works. 


For over twenty years, Helga Griffiths’ work has interrogated the boundary between human nature and environment. In multisensory installations, she researches the thresholds and limits of human perception through artistic and scientific means. These include spectacular works like a flight across the glacieresque landscape of her own brain she created in close collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt.

Her works are based on the concept of an ‘experiential space’ – a multidimensional and multisensory space designed to evoke memories, feelings, and ideas in observers, or to confront them with visual, sonic, olfactory, or haptic stimuli that stem from the artist’s own realm of experience. Griffiths’ work often employs a special technique: the artist takes information that we perceive through one sense (e.g., sight or hearing) and transfers it to a different sense (e.g., smell). In this way, she creates a dialogue that unfolds on an indirect, intuitive plane – one that is capable of transcending and expanding conventional sensory experience.