Joni Majer

I'll fix you

19 February until 06 June 2021

The illustrator Joni Majer (*1985 in Berlin) lives and works in Saarbrücken. In her drawings she expresses complicated things as simply and clearly as possible, in black and white. During the lockdown she began to transfer her visual world into a new dimension and to model her "sign for face" in clay, always searching for the ideal face. She may find this ideal in the faces of her closest friends and family. By those faces, moulded in plaster she approaches her ideas. "I'll fix you" is the name of the work. It remains open what needs to be healed or even repaired.

From the Stadtgalerie, Katharina Ritter initiates other artistic projects in the urban space, such as the organization of a mural by Joni Majer, outside the city center.