We invite you - from Saarbrücken - to take part in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris: The exhibition space will become a space of opportunity. The Stadtgalerie will transform into a ‘gym behind the scenes’.

The opening will take place on June 28, 2024 at 7 pm. We look forward to seeing you! Follow this link to the event. 

Dive into the world of artists and performers! The 450 square metres and two floors of the Stadtgalerie feature an area for training, performance and relaxation. Four artists and performers from the fields of dance, sport, art and music provide an up-close look at their working processes. They share their routines, motivation, successes, doubts and their personal flow experience with you.

We invite everyone to explore the Olympic flair in a family-friendly way, to let off steam and calm down. In addition, various events will be organised.

Participating artists and performers:

Music: Finna (*1991 in Hamburg, rapper and producer)

Art: Gamze Yalçin (*1987 in Istanbul, paining)

Sport: Johanna Recktenwald (*2001 in St. Wendel, Para Nordic Skiing, Biathlon und Cross-country Skiing) 

Dance: Lil Ceng (*1991 in Macedonia, Breakdance)

In sport, many people train for a very specific moment, a brief moment that decides everything. There will be a few such moments at the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris! IM FLUSS SEIN looks at the build up to this one moment or the process of creating an artistic work. At best, this process also includes flow (flow according to the Hungarian psychologist Mihály Csikszentmihalyi). Flow is a complete immersion in an activity. Many people know this from sport, art, music or dance. Others from childhood, the world of work or gardening. Flow experience is highly individual and cannot be learnt directly through specific techniques. Flow means finding the perfect balance between ability and challenge, being completely absorbed in the moment and forgetting everything else.

„Many people experience flow in sport, art, music and dance. Enduring dedication and passion are just as important here as courage and mindfulness. People who otherwise find no place for themselves in society are discovering their impact and purpose in these areas. We can learn a lot from them for a desirable future.“ (Katharina Ritter, M.A., Artistic Director of the Stadtgalerie)

IM FLUSS SEIN plays with the demands of everyday life and the big questions of life. How do we organise our daily lives - also in connection with major goals and doubts? How do we create a balance between the pressure to perform, success, long-term resilience and satisfaction?

Katharina Ritter further developed the content idea together with the artist Hojin Kang and the technical director of the Stadtgalerie Jörg Schallmo. Scenarios for the exhibition design were created to invite visitors into the artists' world of thought. Together with Bunkhouse Film, Philipp Majer and Lukas Ratius, the short video contributions with the artists and performers were created.

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