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Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken

Innenhof der Stadtgalerie - Saskia Riedel

Innenhof der Stadtgalerie - Saskia Riedel

Innenhof der Stadtgalerie - Saskia Riedel

Experience art and culture for free: we offer exhibitions and numerous events throughout the year. The Stadtgalerie promotes culture and contemporary art.

Since April 2021, the Stadtgalerie is being directed by Katharina Ritter, M.A.:

"What I like about the border region of Saarland and the state capital of Saarbrücken is the broad view and at the same time the manageability. It is important to me to connect local topics that are currently of importance to many with global developments. I design the Stadtgalerie as a place of critical confidence: International artists meet here with the population, different scenes and disciplines. Together we develop strategies for a desirable future. The Stadtgalerie enables new forms of collaboration and multidisciplinary projects in the border region. The urgencies of our time require the connection of different competences. We think openly and share change."

From the center of the city, the Stadtgalerie is active in the urban space with other artistic projects.


Since its foundation in 1985, the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken has been one of the outstanding institutions for contemporary art, with an influence far beyond its region. Initially under the sponsorship of the city with director Bernd Schulz (until 2002), a change to the Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz followed in 1994. From 2003, Ernest W. Uthemann was the director of the Stadtgalerie. The Stadtgalerie returned to municipal ownership in 2012 and was reopened under the direction of Dr Andrea Jahn. Its character as a “permanent laboratory” with a clear allegiance to the site-specific, installation, and the experimental in art is unique.

An international program of young, not-yet-established artists will continue to define the profile of the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken.