Nahaufnahme - Kunst spiegelt Lebensraum

In October, the video series Nahaufnahme will be continued. Ten artists, cultural workers and collectives from Saarbrücken will be presented. The first videos will be published in October. Be curious!

"Nahaufnahme - Kunst spiegelt Lebensraum" is a project of the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken in cooperation with the Regionalverband Saarbrücken and Arbeit & Kultur gGmbH, curated by Hannah Mevis and Saskia Riedel.

The fourth round of the digital project will start in 2023 with ten more artists. Starting in October, a new portrait will appear once a month here and on the website of the Regionalverbandes Saarbrücken, which will also be presented via social media.

The aim of this series is to provide the Saarland art scene with greater visibility in the long term and to reflect the living space also through the language of art. Artists who have dedicated themselves to experimental working methods, contemporary media and topics are thus offered a forum in which they can present their work and thoughts. The design of the videos is free, from the classic interview situation to the artistic work, everything is allowed.

The last episode of the 2022 series with Frauke Eckhardt:

The idea for this digital platform was developed in collaboration with the Regionalverband Saarbrücken. In the third season, the project was able to gain Arbeit & Kultur gGmbH as a further partner.

The Nahaufnahme was initiated by Peter Michael Lupp, Kulturreferent des Regionalverbandes, and Dr. Andrea Jahn, former künstlerische Leiterin der Stadtgalerie. 

The video series pursues the goal of letting artists from the Saarland have their say (and be seen), for example on topics that occupy them during this special time. The format was initially designed by curator Katharina Ritter (M.A.), who has since succeeded Dr. Andrea Jahn as artistic director of the Stadtgalerie and continues to promote the project. Since August 2020, art historian Kamila Kolesniczenko has curated the series.

Both the Stadtgalerie and Saarbrücken Schloss are among the Places of Art and Culture in the Regionalverband Saarbrücken and would like to contribute to the informal network in this context as well. More information about the places of art and culture can be found here and in the bar on the right to download.

More Nahaufnahmen: